Hidden Acres Farm

DOB: August 19, 2006
Color: Black ( No Cross)
Height: 33 1/4"
Sire: Hidden Acres Cosmic Cowboy  32" Brown/Black
Grandsire: Sunset Acres Rustico
Great-Grandsire: The Fireman  32" Dark Sorrel
Dam: Rancho Rhea Shadow  33" Black (NLP)
Grandsire: Derbytown's Charismatic  33 3/4"  Black and White Spotted
Grand-Dam: Rancho Rhea's Echo  32 3/4" Black (NLP)
Great-Grandsire: Canadian Gold  32 1/2" Dark Brown (NLP)

   Pearl is the second Black daughter out of Rancho Rhea Shadow X Hidden Acres Cosmic Cowboy. She is a carbon copy of her older sister Bree. It is almost impossible to tell them apart. Gorgeous black color, oustanding temperament, and 5 generation pedigree with absolutlety no duplications. She is just the complete package. 

Rancho Rhea Shadow
DOB: May 31, 2002
Color: Black (NLP)
Height: 33"
Sire: Derbytown's Charismatic  33 1/4"  Black and White Spotted
Dam: Rancho Rhea Echo  33" Black

  Shadow is a simply gorgeous Black jennet with excellent conformation and an impressive pedigree with lots of Blacks and Spots. She has given me all black foals when bred to my herdsire with the exception of one
very dark brown/black foal.  All of them with her good looks and sweet personality. 

DOB: April 28, 2002
Color: Gray and White Spotted
Height: 32"
Sire: Dygmy Stars and Stripes  32 1/4"  Gray and White Spotted
Grandsire: Hy Hope's Markus  33" Dark Brown and White Spotted

Dam: Off The Top's Carlino's Vixen  34" Slate Gray
Grand-Dam: ENE Periwinkle  34" Slate Gray
Great-Grandsire:  EC Rainbow's Blizzard  32" Gray and White Spotted

   Holly is one of my favorite jennets. She has a very amusing and mischievious personality. Her pedigree dates back to the original California imports. 
DOB: August 2, 2009
Color: Black ( No visible cross )
Height: 30"
Sire: Hidden Acres Cisco Kid  30" Light Brown
Dam: Hidden Acres Black Pearl  33 1/4" Black

   This jennet is just the complete package. Beautiful color, small drafty build, extensive pedigree and exceptionally sweet and lovable personality
Her first foal was a beautiful small dark mahogany colored little jack.

Hidden Acres Holly-Go-Lightly

Hidden Acres Black Jewel
Hidden Acres Farm Ellie

DOB: May 17, 2016
 Height:32 1/2"
Sire: Hidden Acres Cosmic Cowboy
Dam: Hidden Acres Black Jewel
Color: Dark brown with sorrel highlights

 There is NO WAY I could ever let this girl go. She is the most out-going and friendly girl I have ever seen. What a character!  I love her  dark brown color and the sorrel highlights she received from her sire. 
Excellent conformation and will stay on the smaller side.  LOVES the foals and plays with everyone and everything! Had my heart from the beginning. 

Hidden Acres Giselle
DOB: August 22, 1918
Height: 21"
Sire: Hidden Acres Cosmic Cowboy
Dam: Rancho Rhea Shadow

 I was hoping for a carbon copy of her dam Shadow and boy
did I get just what I wanted. Solid black (NLP) with perfect confirmation and exceptional personality. This girl loves everyone and can't get enough attention. She will make an excellent addition to my black breeding program.